Having a Californian mother and spending half my life figuring out which beach to spend a lazy day on or which trail to hike at 7am, it’s little wonder that I already have a soft spot for kombucha. I’ve been big into gut health since I got diagnosed with Epstein-Barr (which I believe resulted in a decade long struggle with chronic fatigue) I’ve tried to figure out how I can improve my health and energy with what I put into my body rather than taking every prescription under the sun. Fermented foods and drinks promote a healthy gut by injecting a dose of healthy bacteria and probiotics into your digestive system (think of it like servicing a car for it to run more effectively and efficiently). Now I am a mother to a toddler, creating positive eating habits are more important than ever – I’ve managed to get her hooked on sauerkraut, green smoothies and done my very best to ward her away from all the nasties that seem to fill so much of what we consume.

I was introduced to the founders of Wild Fizz Kombucha, Gina and Luke and couldn’t help but fall in love with how their product was created. Gina’s love of kombucha started on a West Coast road trip in 2015. After struggling with IBS (again – hello gut health) she discovered that drinking kombucha daily eliminated all of her symptoms. Upon returning to the UK and struggling to find kombucha (it’s sold in petrol stations, every grocery store and in many restaurants in California) she decided to begin brewing her own from a shared flat with her partner Luke. Needless to say a small brew in a kitchen has now translated into a giant operation in a warehouse in London. Gina really places a huge importance on loving your body and treating it with kindness and respect, her products are brewed with love, so much so that there are love notes and poems written on the different tanks.

Unlike so many kombuchas available in the UK right now, Wild Fizz are completely organic, using a handful of natural ingredients and are unpasteurised (pasteurised kombucha kills all of the good bacteria). As well as being stellar for gut health, kombucha also alkalises the body which is it’s most healthy state where disease and illness struggle to grow (don’t get me wrong, if you’re using it to wash down a bucket of KFC your body still won’t be a happy place). There are three flavours available; Jasmine Dreams (my daughter’s favourite), Lavender Fields (great for drinking during periods as it settles hormones) and Gingers Rule (my favourite which is also anti-inflammatory and promotes energy). These are all low in sugar – the highest sugar content is 2.5g where the average for kombucha is between 3-5g (which makes these great for kids too). Apart from getting an A+ from your entire body, these are delicious (and also apparently work well with a splash of vodka too).

Wild Fizz can be purchased at most Whole Foods in the UK as well as Planet Organic and on their website (where you can get a box with two of each flavours delivered weekly).

Find them here.

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